So far - Architecture, chemistry and electronics for model trains.

Bamboo House

Made from the waste after pruning the bamboo bush. We made this in a public space and it was enjoyed by the local children for a good few months. We have also used sticks to achieve the same sort of results.


What better thing to when we had all that snow but build an igloo. We packed snow into a storage box and then turned them out to make the bricks and we used ice from a container that had frozen in the garden for a window and then put candles inside. We have to say that the neighbours came and helped after we had laid three courses of blocks and it was a real social bonding thing.

Inside the igloo.

Rocket Fuel

WARNING:  With a chemistry set you buy in the shops you can just mix them all up and the worst you will get is bubbles and sore fingers. With real chemistry you can get third degree burns or lose a limb. Here at Medway Makers we take safety very seriously so we don't put warnings unless there is a reason. We don't put signs saying deep water next to fish ponds or signs saying danger hot water in public toilets. But also we don't always put warnings when there is something dangerous either so to be a member of Medway makers you have to be smart enough to be responsible for yourself and not bite of more then you can chew. There are a lot of experienced people to guide you always get too much advice rather then to little and know exactly what your doing.

Chemistry isn't boring especially when its exothermic! With proper attention to safety we created a highly exothermic mixture and lit it in the Garden with a long torch. Please note that we took the following precautions;

    We thoroughly researched the mixture we were making first.
    We did not mix in anything else or muck about.
    We lit a tiny sample first so we knew there would be no surprises.

Mixing in the laboratory under careful supervision. Note the scales to measure the quantities.

Igniting with special torch after preliminary flammability testing.

This is half way through the burn. No rockets yet!

Digital Command Control Train Controller

Based on an Arduino mega micro-controller this DCC train controller can run up to 16 trains. There are two output channels each of 2A and the whole thing uses a 16v Laptop power supply. Plus a practice in making scenery.

Valve Radio

Well I did it I built an all valve radio receives from about 1Mhz through to about 10MHz i.e. medium wave to short wave. Picked up Beijing Taiwan etc after 6pm when they start transmitting. Uses speaker not headphones. Circuit is my own design. This is my valve electronics prototyping board.